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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garbage strike ridiculousness

So - outdoor workers are on strike here in our city, trying to protect rights won by them ages ago, which means that garbage, recycling and compost pickups aren't happening.

And the people are freaking out.

We can do better.
This is a perfect opportunity for this city and people to just REDUCE their waste - instead, folks are dumping their trash on the streets and complaining about the stink. I hope and hope that people just smarten up and realize that we throw out so much, and this is an excellent way to challenge our selves to change our ways.

C'mon Toronto people - we can do this - buy less stuff, make more fresh food, WASTE LESS!!! We have so much, let's just celebrate it and cherish it, and make food for the worms instead of pollution for the garbage dump.

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