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Monday, August 31, 2009


these are ours these are ours these are ours!!!!

sweet little yellow coyote cherries, i got 'em from Matchbox Garden waaaaaay back in May. And now look! They are one of the best flavours in the garden!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

READ THIS BOOK!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!

Holy amazingness.

Just finished a wonderful wonderful wonderful book - so inspiring. Farm City, by Novella Carpenter (my new hero), recounts her adventures as an urban farmer, living and growing food in a downtown Oakland ghetto. It is a fabulous page turner, hilarious and real and crazy!

This outrageous woman not only grew a big squat garden on an empty lot next to the house she rented with her boyfriend, but raised not only chickens, not only rabbits, not only turkeys and ducks and bees - but also PIGS, and now she's got GOATS.
Totally awesome, totally incredible.

READ IT. Go see her blog. Be inspired. She talks in profound and silly ways about tapping into and interrupting waste cycles (her pigs were raised entirely on dumpstered food from Oaklands Chinatown and fancy restaurants), gardening communally in low income and "at risk" neighbourhoods, urban subsistance - and so much more - all so poetically and in a real, warm, funny and friendly voice.

Hooray for folks like her. Check out Novella, Farm City and GhostTown Farm - you won't believe it.

This photo is of Rooftop Farms in NYC!
Check it out here - www.inhabitat.com/tag/urban-farming/

YES urban farms - YES YES YES!!!!!