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Thursday, September 17, 2009


So i realize that i can get a little obsessive...so when Jenny and Mark got really excited about ordering big quantities of organic fruit direct from Christine, one of the farmers at Sorauren Market, i got swept away thinking of all the amazing things that i could make for us for the winter.

So, last night i brought home a bushel basket of pears, a bushel basket of peaches, and a 3/4 bushel flat of italian prune plums - all for a ridiculous low price. It's insane - i KNOW how much work goes into making sure this gorgeous food grows well - i only hope that i can honour it by sharing it and making good things with it and eating it.

But, holey moley - how am i going to do this?!!?

So - tonight made peach cobbler and canned 11 quarts jars of whole plums in honey - got it from the blog called Food in Jars. Ridiculously good. Totally inspired by Novella's Ghost Town Farm and her sister Riana's Garlic Breath blogs too - RIGHT ON!

Had to forget about Geography homework, though. Whoops. Ahhhh, this is better anyway! Tomorrow i think i'll try making peach/plum/pear butter...ooooooooohh.

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